The Waterlily Diary of Jack Atkinson

Edited by Colin Amodeo

"Adventure! Romance! The glamour of intrepid youth setting forth on uncharted seas to lands unknown to seek a fortune, adventure or untimely death. Hell! I am seasick already."

So wrote Jack Atkinson on the first page of his diary, in March 1932, as seven young men and two kittens sailed for Fiji in a 67-year- old wooden ketch, the Waterlily.

Few had sailed to the Islands, let alone in a ship with an engine useful for emergencies only and, as the 'Waterlilies' would later discover, rotting timbers in the stern. Jack Atkinson records the cruise with zest and a critical eye as crew members find their sea legs and learn to cope with the differing attitudes each has brought aboard.



Jack Atkinson
Edited by Colin Amodeo


120 pages, 150x210mm
ISBN: 0-9582201-1-5


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