The Theatre Royal, Christchurch

An illustrated history of the Theatre Royal

Since February 1908 Christchurch's Theatre Royal has been the venue for thousands of plays, recitals, operas, operettas, musicals, magic shows, rock concerts, wrestling matches, public lectures—in short, almost anything that needs a stage on which to perform and seats for an audience.

Like a stage show itself, the book is presented by more than a dozen 'voices', each approaching the task from a different viewpoint or area of expertise. Together with more than 300 illustrations, the authors' words bring to fascinating and readable life the story of a theatre that has moved with the times and is securely prepared to face its next 100 years.



Howard McNaughton, Peter Downes, Adrienne Simpson, Ian Lochhead et al.

2008, reprinted 2016

208 pages, 205x275 mm
oft-bound with flaps
ISBN: 978-0-9582888-0-4


$39.95 (free postage within New Zealand)

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