Recreating the Magic

The rebirth of a Christchurch theatre

A Triumph Over Seemingly Impossible Odds

This is the story of  the restoration and reconstruction of the Isaac Theatre Royal, a heritage building on the brink of collapse after the 2011 earthquakes.
As dramatic as any production that has taken place on the theatre’s stage, this story shows that, in reality, earthquake damage is only as great as we allow it to be.



Dr Anna Crighton, Liz Grant & Dr Ian Lochhead


104 pages, 205x275 mm
Soft-bound with flaps
ISBN: 978-0-9922517-4-1


$39.95 (free postage within New Zealand)

Available from Clerestory Press and all good bookstores

What People Have Said


Such an important record of the theatre's rebuild

"On behalf of the Isaac Theatre Royal Foundation Board I am writing to thank you for the amazing contribution you made to the publication of our book 'Recreating the Magic'.

The ITR board is absolutely thrilled with the result and we know that this would not have been achieved without your time and expertise. We also know that your contribution was over and above what is expected of any publisher to produce such an important record of the theatre's rebuild. We imposed a very short deadline and we understand that what you did in six weeks, would normally have taken at least a year to produce!

Please accept the board's sincere appreciation for all that you have done to produce such a wonderful book - a very important historical record, not only for the theatre, but for the recovering Christchurch community as well.

Joy, Lady Simpson CNZM
Isaac Theatre Royal Foundation Board Chair