Cartoonists please note

Don’t be too wordy and keep words big enough to be easily readable. Use a font if possible. When you have printed your cartoon, check that it is as legible as it is on your computer screen. When printing to check for legibility, print at 74% which is the image area of the book.

If working by hand:

  • Draw in black ink. If sketching in pencil, erase lines once ink has dried.

  • Draw on smooth white card at least 150 gsm, not photocopy paper (80gsm).

  • Scan and print your work. Don’t send original copy.

Working image size is 187mm x 277mm which fits on an A4 page with some white margins.


Create in Photoshop at 187mm wide x 277mm tall. This shrinks down to the image area of the book.

  • You might want to touch up your story in Photoshop after scanning.


  • Black on white

  • Must be 187mm x 277mm in portrait orientation, not landscape

  • Scan at 600dpi