Molten Mouth

The 17th book in the Re-Draft series

Volcanic! Vesuvian!

The hottest new writing from New Zealand’s hottest new writers.

Molten Mouth: the 17th in the nationally-acclaimed Re-Draft collections of writing.

Sizzling stories and sparkling poems from 87 of New Zealand’s finest writers over 12 and under 20.

Whether moving, open-eyed, laugh-out- loud funny, deceptive, surprising or sophisticated, Molten Mouth is an exhilarating take on the world of today by the writers of tomorrow!



Edited by James Norcliffe & Tessa Duder


180 pages, 172x245 mm
ISBN: 978-0-9922517-8-9
ISSN: 1176-1806


$35.00 (free postage within New Zealand)

Available from Clerestory Press and all good bookstores

What People Have Said


Re-Draft holds its own beside any literary magazine in the country

“As both teacher and writer, I have been aware of the Re-Draft since about its third or fourth issue. Many of my students over the years have been inspired by it, to say nothing of those who have aspired to be included.

The anthology really does keep getting better every year. Richly so, in the case of 2017's Molten Mouth. Again, I'm impressed by very developed prose pieces for a start: usually highly imaginative but supported by strong attention to detail - Monique Thorp at the older end of the scale, but equally much younger Rosa Dykes, Kate Twomey and others.

Delighted to see Isabella Hadlow back in print, along with a younger sibling (apparently there are several of them, so there may be a Re-Draft dynasty). Also Leah Dodd's 'Lilacs' poem in particular, which shows development in her work. This sort of thing justifies the 13 - 19 policy as a definition of teenage writing.

Younger poets are effective, too. Xiaole Zhan's experimentation, for example, contrasted with the successful formal approach (which students more often do badly) in Derrin Smith's 'Crack Between the Doors'.  It seems young writers will respond to any challenge and with good will and enthusiasm make it their own.

I stand by my belief that Re-Draft holds its own beside any literary magazine in the country. These vigorous and skilful writers deserve to be heard.”

Tony Beyer
English teacher and poet.