Bravo, Neu Zeeland

Two Maori in Vienna 1859 – 1860

Bravo, Neu Zeeland presents one of the earliest and most significant overseas travel accounts written in Maori - the diary of a visit to Vienna made by its author, Hemara Te Rerehau, and his Tainui kinsman, Wiremu Toetoe.

Helen Hogan presents the original Maori text alongside its translation and provides full annotation and commentary.

In part the diary is a report on the young men's 'OE', recording visits to cathedrals, palaces, museums and the world's first public zoo. It also shows that the two Maori were seen as ambassadors for their country.

Wiremu Toetoe and Hemara Te Rerehau were not the first to travel to a dream world and return to something well short of Utopia. But the account of their visit to Vienna remains a testament to the intelligence, sense of adventure and perceptiveness that a harmonious bringing together of two cultures demands. It provides a glimpse of what might have been and what yet might be.



Helen Hogan


130 pages, 170x240 mm
ISBN: 0-9582201-3-1


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What People Have Said


Ensuring that the experiences of our ancestors are shared

"Helen Hogan's understanding of this diary is remarkable, and she expertly gives a detailed analysis of the expressions and phrases used, to make things clear to the reader. I congratulate Helen for ensuring that the experiences of our ancestors are shared and will continue to be shared by many people."

— Eddie Neha
Great-great-grandson of Hemara Rerehau Te Whanonga